Sample of All FAQs (Helpie FAQ)

  • Can Thunder laser engrave on metal?

    Yes and no.

    Our laser machines can engrave on anodized metal and painted metal directly. But it cannot engrave on bare metal directly. If you need to engrave on bare metal, we would suggest you to use thermark spray.

  • What’s the difference between focus lenses?

    A shorter focus lens will have a smaller final beam diameter. That’s why it is better for engraving good-quality photos. A longer-focus lens is better for cutting thicker materials.

  • Could you clarify the differences between laser tubes of varying wattages and how they affect performance?

    Higher wattage laser tubes can cut thicker materials faster, while lower wattage tubes are better for engraving. We typically recommend 40-80W for engraving and 100-130W for cutting.

  • Do I need to separate laser systems for engraving and cutting?

    No, our laser machine can do both cutting and engraving very well.

    You just need one machine for both kinds of jobs.

  • How much time do I need to spend on learning how to run the laser machine?

    As long as you know how to design jobs in graphic software, it will only take a few hours for you to become a master of laser machines.

    You just need to conduct some tests to understand which speed and power suit different materials. Since we’ve provided some parameter libraries that will save you more time.

  • I use files from Adobe Illustrator. Is this possible?

    Yes, it’s ok to use files from Adobe Illustrator, but you will need to export them in DXF format. Then our software can load it directly.

  • What software is suggested to design my jobs?

    CorelDraw and AutoCAD are suggested. You can design all your artwork in these two programs and then send it to the RDWorksV8 software to set the parameters easily.

  • Does your laser run from a laptop or desktop PC?

    Both ok, as long as your operating system is Windows XP/2000/Vista/7/8/10.

  • Do I have to record all the cutting/engraving parameters for different materials on paper?

    No need. We’ve added a parameter library to the software. Once you find out what settings are best for a certain material, you can record it in the parameter library. Next time you cut the same material, you just need to read it from the list.

  • I am wanting to put the laser in a garage or in an environment that is not climate controlled. Can I do that?

    Yes! A laser is just like any other tool. The better you take care of it, the longer it will last. Ideally, the laser is kept in an environment between 55 and 85 degrees with low humidity. However, we have many users who keep them in shops and garages. If the ambient temperature drops below freezing, the water in the machine will freeze and break the laser tube. Many users will use a space heater to mitigate this.

  • What is the working space needed? I need to plan the space out before your machine arrives.

    It's generally recommended to leave about 200mm of space at the rear for installing the exhaust pipe. Approximately 100mm of space is needed on each of the other sides. But when you need to replace the parts of the machine, please move it to a wide place.

  • How do I choose the right laser machine for my needs?

    Choosing the right laser can be daunting, but we are here to help! The best way to figure this out is to call us or set up a time to speak to one of our laser experts. They will ask you questions about what you’d like to create and help you find a machine to suit your needs and budget.

    The main things to consider are:

    How much space do I have?

    What materials do I want to cut or engrave?

    How thick of material do I want to be able to cut?

    What is my budget?

    Am I going to be doing production runs or one-off projects?

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