Equipped with two positioning functions, automatic edge cutting; Applicable to computer woven labels, heterogeneous brands, and all kinds of technology embroideries and fabric printing, as well as non-metallic special shape design for precise camera positioning cutting.

Support visual positioning based on template matching: For better quality, almost no deformation of the woven label, precise positioning cutting can be performed;

Support visual positioning based on contour extraction: For each cutting object, the contour is extracted in real time and the distance is reduced inward or outward, and then cut. This technology can solve the problem of deformation of the cutting object.

Support two positioning: for cutting oversized processing objects. The scheme can solve the processing tasks within the camera screen by screen, not fully capturing photos, and not solving the problem well;

Rolled or longer woven label products, automatic feeding and material feeding system can greatly facilitate the use for the user and greatly improve production efficiency.

The camera can be equipped with 1.3 million and 3 million pixels and different sizes of processing objects to meet the cutting requirements.

High-performance speed prediction algorithm and trajectory planning function, cutting speed, curve movement speed more than 15 m/min;

Automatic adjustment of laser power according to cutting speed, which can ensure consistent cutting intensity;

Versatile: This system support device can also be used as an ordinary laser cutting machine. Computer woven labels, heterogeneous brands, and all kinds of craft embroideries and fabric printing, precise camera positioning, cutting, etc. Non-metallic special shape design.

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