Wood cutting and engraving are two of the most popular applications for lasers, and wood jewelry can cover many different projects. From cabinets to picture frames to knife handles, Thunder Laser systems are used in almost every category of woodworking you will come across. Whether you are working with hardwood, veneer, marquetry, MDF, plywood, walnut, alder, or cherry, with your laser system, you can engrave extremely intricate images and cut large-format panels. Softer woods like balsa require less laser power and can therefore be cut at higher speeds. And dense hardwoods require more power.


Thunder Laser is a professional laser engraving and cutting machine for wood. With laser machines, you can design and print with almost any graphic software available on the market, such as CorelDraw or AutoCad. By designing in the software or directly downloading creative files, these can be transferred to the laser machine for operation. More precision, creativity, and efficiency for the woodworking and interior design industry.


Use Thunder Laser laser engravers and laser cutting machines for special applications such as personalized toys, crafts, souvenirs, Christmas decorations and gifts, or cutting architectural models and marquetry using lasers for precise engraving and cutting of wood from various materials.


Photo Engraving

Engraving photos and memories in rich mahogany or natural pine is the perfect art to remember the past.


By utilizing the cutting and engraving functions of your Thunder Laser system, you can create beautiful marquetry for cabinets, trophies, guitars, and more.

Prototype Development

Fast cutting of materials such as MDF and plywood will take you from concept to prototype in record time.

Laser systems

can assist in personalizing products by creating unique, one-of-a-kind items that mean a lot. Personalized awards, skateboards, phone cases, guitars, or other items can turn a nice item into the perfect gift.

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