Celebrating Chinese New Year with Thunder Laser!

*Holiday Notice: Thunder Laser China will be off from February 8th to 17th for the Spring Festival. We will resume work on Sunday, February 18th.
The Chinese New Year is just around the corner! According to the agricultural traditional calendar still used in China, Chinese people are celebrating the Chinese New Year in the lunar calendar. This is a significant Chinese festival, and we are happy to share the joy with you. With a long history and rich cultural connotations and traditional customs, the Spring Festival is one of the most important family reunion festivals for the Chinese people. During the Spring Festival, people return to their hometowns to reunite with their families and enjoy a hearty reunion dinner. They also engage in various celebratory activities like pasting couplets, admiring lanterns, setting off firecrackers and paying New Year visits. These activities are full of hopes and blessings for the new year, strengthening the bonds between family members.
Speaking of the Chinese New Year, we can’t miss introducing the Twelve Chinese Zodiac Signs. The zodiac signs are an important symbol in Chinese traditional culture, representing a cycle of years. Each zodiac cycle lasts for one year, totaling twelve years. Therefore, each lunar year corresponds to a specific zodiac sign. People often use symbols and decorations related to the zodiac sign of the year in their celebration activities. 2024 is the Year of the Dragon, which is regarded as a symbol of auspiciousness, authority, and mystery. Apart from lion dances, people may also organize special dragon dance performances to celebrate. Dragon symbols and patterns are commonly used in the decorations and gifts during the Spring Festival, providing ample opportunities for creativity.
All the staff at Thunder Laser in China are sincerely happy about the arrival of the Chinese New Year. Besides, we are excited that people can design works containing zodiac elements to celebrate the very festival, and lasers provide a possibility for design and creation. With laser technology, you can not only engrave dragon patterns on everyday items but also create more complex works by combining engraving and cutting techniques. Paper, wood, acrylic, rubber… If you have experience with laser production, you will surely know how to make the most of these diverse materials to unleash your creativity!
In the video, we used lasers to perform shallow and deep engravings on wood, creating works with dragon patterns with different effects. With the high-performance Thunder Bolt machine, creation becomes easier. If you have inspiration, why not try making decorations and gifts containing dragon elements? It will be a pleasant and culturally rich experience. How do you celebrate the New Year in your country? Regardless of the ways and timings, we believe that the hopes and blessings are universal. Thunder Laser sincerely wishes you a happy and joyful Chinese New Year.

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