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Paper is one of the most commonly used materials in paper laser cutting applications and opens up amazing possibilities for paper processing. Compared to traditional paper processing machines, a laser device can be applied to almost any paper project, both through paper laser cutting and engraving. With increasing experience, it can even replace scissors, knives, and other tools, significantly increasing convenience and efficiency.

Anwendungen zum Laserschneiden von Papier

The precision of laser cutting machines is exceptionally high, allowing for highly precise cutting edges and incisions that cannot be achieved through manual methods or other cutting machines. Moreover, each cut or engraving is 100% perfect, explaining why paper laser cutting is the best choice for paper.

The technology of laser engraving and cutting ensures that you can produce multiple copies of the same item multiple times, providing consistency to your customers. This consistency also means that you can create the same design on different products. Some small DIY businesses also appreciate the user-friendliness and consistency of Thunder Laser machines.

Common paper materials for laser engraving and cutting:

Thunder Laser can cut and engrave coated paper and uncoated paper. It is also suitable for laser cutting cardboard, laminated cardboard (e.g., architectural cardboard), corrugated cardboard, and hard cardboard.

There are hundreds of types of paper on the market, which, in combination with various composite manufacturing processes, make the number of paper types seem endless. But for laser devices, they are all workable materials. You just need to adjust the parameters according to the nature of the paper. The cutting effect is influenced by the material properties of the paper itself. Even with the same thickness and type of paper, there may be local differences due to differences in origin, charge, and manufacturing method, which ultimately affect the cutting effect.

Common materials in laser processing can roughly be divided into colored paper and thick cardboard.

Colored paper refers to paper with colors made from wood pulp. It is usually used for crafts and painting, such as gift boxes, paper stitches, decorative paper, and other craft projects. Colored paper is easy to store, has a low ash content, and few paper scraps, making it suitable for paper laser cutting of various beautiful and delicate paper craft products.

With a laser cutting and engraving machine, you can cut and engrave paper or cardboard to create greeting cards, book covers, or personalized gift packaging with tactile features. You can also add custom logos, photos, or patterns.

Papiermaterial und Papier Laserschneiden

Die Anwendung von Lasergravur auf Kartonmaterialien

Processing tips for paper laser cutting:

How to prevent paper from catching fire when cutting?

Paper is highly flammable, so the following techniques can be used to prevent ignition during cutting:

1.Ensure that you choose the correct frequency, high speed, and the right power. Excessive power can cause the paper to char.

2.It is recommended to use a compressed air system to blow air and achieve a flame-retardant effect.

3.Short focal length lenses will have a positive effect on the result.

How to prevent paper from being shaped by blowing air during cutting?

Paper is highly flammable, so we use air to achieve a flame-retardant effect. However, blowing air can cause paper to deform. To avoid deformation, you can apply the following techniques:

1.When selecting paper material for cutting, prefer hard paper such as cardboard or thick paper. Soft papers such as A4 paper or tracing paper should be avoided.

2.If special requirements exist and graphics need to be cut on A4 paper, you can place a layer of cardboard under the A4 paper to ensure that the paper is not damaged during cutting.

Which machine model is best for my paper project?

The NOVA series can cut and engrave paper materials.

The NOVA series, with its larger laser power and larger processing area (including pass-through doors), has advantages in cutting panels.

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