Nova 63

Laser cutting machine

100w from 13990 EUR excl. VAT.
130w from 14990 EUR excl. VAT.

The Nova 63 machine is the largest in the Nova series, boasting a working area width of 63 inches. With a maximum power output of up to 130W and paired with its large processing area, the Nova 63 laser cutter is undoubtedly your best choice for batch production. Meeting the demands of large-scale and industrial manufacturing.

Supports LightBurn software
2 Year Warranty
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Laser creators never cease the pace of laser cration! See what laser ideas you can accomplish with lasers.


Laser cutting | wood, rubber, paperboard, …



Laser engraving | paper, coated metal, wood, …


Laser cutting | acrylic, wood, rubber, …


Laser engraving | wood, acrylic, …


Efficient and precise laser cutting

Equipped with the highest power in the Nova series, Nova 63 laser cutter offers faster processing speeds and deeper cutting depths, allowing it to cut materials such as acrylic and wood that are thicker or harder, exceeding 10mm in thickness.

Roomy for larger, toddler-sized materials

The largest laser machine in the Nova series, Nova 63 has a processing area up to 63 inches wide. Coupled with the special walk-through door, you can accommodate large processing materials. The sheer size of the Nova 63 is convenient and impressive.

Productive mass manufacturing

If you want to process the maximum number of products in a single batch, the Nova 63 with its expansive area and powerful processing capabilities is your best choice. It can greatly enhance your production speed and efficiency, facilitating large-scale industrial production needs.

Safety, assuring processing and user security

We prioritize safety as a fundamental principle. The laser machine is equipped with emergency stop buttons, alarm lights, and grounding wires to prevent electric shock and laser burns, and also to promptly halt operations in case of emergencies.


Take a closer look at what the Nova 63 has to offer.
Engraving / Working Area 1600x1000mm
Max Part Size - Fornt door closed: 1700x1130x230mm
- Pass through door: 1700x∞x20mm
Laser Wattage 100w or 130w
Intelligent Memory Capacity Up to 1GB
Laser Source - Sealed CO2 glass tube, rigorously tested to pass quality control. - Average lifespan: 2000-4000 working hours. - Replacement cost: $750 (100w) or $1200 (130w)
Electrical Requirements Standard 240 volt and 50 Hz dedicated 12 A circuit
Air Assist Air pump 5-7psi included
Machine Size 2200x1505x1040mm
Software LightBurn Software included for two computers, compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux. Easily import any graphics file.
Instruction One hour remote setup training included, offering 4 hour training; optional
Red Dot Pointer Shows where the laser is firing, allows for a “dry run” and easy positioning on the material
Camera System Optional ThunderCam allows viewing of materials on the laser bed via software, allowing you to easily position engravings on differently shaped objects
Operating Modes Optimized raster, vector, or combined modes
Easy to customize Set a new home position manually with a new origin for engraving items that are not easily placed at the top corner of the laser
Motion Control System LeadShine Hybrid-Servo Motors with engraving speeds up to 1,000mm/s (39"/second)
Resolution Up to 500dpi with included 2" head or 800dpi with HR head
Safety Laserclass 1, CE conformity
Auto Focus Infrared Auto-Focus system to easily bring material into focus
Belts High-quality fiberglass reinforced neoprene belts
Water Chiller CW5000 (100w version) or CW5200 (130w version)
Ventilation Included, hose diameter 150mm
Motorized Table Includes both a removable honeycomb and solid metal blade (knife-style) bed
Laser Heads 2” standard, optional 1,5” , 2,5” and 4”
TL-Timer (Smart Board) Laser safety controller controls all safety switches and laser power, adjustable running time of ventilation
Warning Light Visible red / green light on machine indicates job completion
Support Lifetime support by our technical staff

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