Laser engraving is a fast and easy method for personalizing beer glasses, mugs, vases, bottles or glass bottles. With CO2 laser engraving machines, you can engrave flat materials like window glass or mirrors, cylindrical objects like beer glasses or champagne flutes, and even tapered objects like bottles.

Massenproduktion von maßgeschneiderten Biergläsern durch Lasergravur

For laser engraving beer glasses, lower quality glass is recommended for the best results. Inexpensive cast glass is a good choice as it typically has a lower lead content and a more uniform structure. High-quality lead crystal glass with more crystal content like expensive hand-blown glass or crystal can have internal stresses within the material. These stresses could potentially be exacerbated by the heat during the laser engraving process and may lead to glass breakage.

Here are some operating tips for laser engraving beer glasses:

Direct Engraving:

Processing glass does not require wet towels or masking tape. You can achieve effects by making adjustments, e.g. changing the color in the design from 100% black to around 70% gray to minimize the effects of heat on larger surfaces and optimize the engraving result. You can also go to the print settings and select the “ordered dithering” raster type, but with the same parameters. This change leads to less heat buildup in the material, resulting in reduced surface roughness.

Wet Towel Assistance:

Using wet towels helps protect the engraving surface from roughness and achieve clear, white engraving results. Before starting the engraving process, place a wet hand towel on the glass. Make sure there are no bubbles or overlaps as this can affect the engraved image. Then turn off the air assist before starting to engrave to prevent premature drying of the paper. After engraving, the residue can be easily removed, leaving the engraved surface clean.

Application Tape Assistance:

In addition to wet towels, tape can also be used to prevent roughness. However, if tape is used, the engraving color tends to be a gray tone rather than bright white. Similar to the wet towel method, ensure that no bubbles or overlaps occur when applying the tape. After engraving, clean the glass to remove any adhesive residue.

Laser engraving machines bring unprecedented creativity and possibilities to the production of personalized beer glasses. They are more than just drinking containers; they are expressions of emotion and individuality. Whether as gifts for loved ones or for special occasions like weddings, birthdays, graduations or corporate events – these personalized drinkware add a special touch to celebrations. These customized glasses bring warmth, uniqueness and unforgettable experiences.

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